The Hell of Opiate

In 2009, a U.S. Department of State report estimated that there are two million drug users in Afghanistan with at least 50-60,000 drug addicts in Kabul alone. (more…)

The Alarming Rise in Afghan Forces Casualties

According to news agencies, Afghan Forces Suffered 15,000 Casualties in First 8 Months of 2016. Last year in July U.S. top commander, General John Nicholson said that Afghan forces suffering is remarkably rising since the Taliban have beefed up their attacks.

Old Furnace in Central Afghanistan

I can’t remember exactly where and in which village I took this photo, but I remember it was somewhere in Ashtarlay district, in Nili province, in the central highlands of Afghanistan. This photo reminds me my mother who used to bake bread for us in similar fashion. (more…)

Rabia Balkhi’s Tomb, The First Persian Poetess

This sarcophagus is believed to hold the remains of the first woman who wrote poems in Persian language. Rābi’a Balkhī (d.943) was born in Balkh, northern Afghanistan, where Rumi is considered to be born (but recent studies show that Rumi was actually born in Wakhsh, Tajikistan). (more…)

Children of the Central Highlands of Afghanistan

Children were disproportionately affected by the intensifying conflict in Afghanistan. The number of child casualties verified by the United Nations has risen by 14 per cent since 2014 and reached the highest number ever recorded. (more…)

The Tragic Consequences of the Three Decades of Afghanistan Wars

“The harm inflicted by three decades of war on the people and the country of Afghanistan have been cumulative. Hard statistics are difficult to find, and many of the available data are estimates. During the decade of war following the Soviet invasion in 1979,  (more…)

Children of Crisis and Austerity

Afghanistan has been through decades of conflicts and it became one of the most dangerous places in the world for children and their mothers to live. (more…)

Happiest Moment for Afghan Children

These children are coming from the most impoverished families in western Kabul, which is predominantly dwelled by the Hazara people. (more…)