Egg Seller

“Early morning my mother gave me these eggs to sell them in the street in order to buy food. It was too cold to hold these in my frozen hands. The eggs were supposed to help us survive, but i am not to go back like this…” the child said.
Nowadays, many Afghan children are working and selling eggs, cigarettes, plastic bags, chewing gum, and lots of other cheap things in the streets. Many others lay naked on the streets to attract passionate people to give them money.
Many others have been taken from the streets and smuggled into Pakistan. A few smugglers have been arrested but they are still active.

One thought on “Egg Seller

  1. Although this is the sad reality that children have to work on the streets instead of going to school or being in a safe place, I have seen the cracked egg ‘trick’ countless number of times. Quite innovative actually.

    But seriously, an act or not, we must help these kids get off the street. Now.

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