The Hell of Opiate

In 2009, a U.S. Department of State report estimated that there are two million drug users in Afghanistan with at least 50-60,000 drug addicts in Kabul alone. A report that was published in November 2013 on The Guardian said

“Afghanistan’s farmers planted a record opium crop this year, despite a decade of western-backed narcotics programmes aimed at weaning farmers off the drug and cracking down on producers and traffickers.
For the first time over 200,000 hectares of Afghan fields were growing poppies, according to the UN’s Afghanistan Opium Survey for 2013, covering an area equivalent to the island nation of Mauritius.
Violence and political instability means there is unlikely to be any significant drop in poppy farming in the world’s top opium producer before foreign combat troops head home next year, a senior UN official warned.”