Old part of Kabul city

This is an old part of Kabul city called “Temor Shahi Bazaar,” sometimes it is simply called ‘Temor Shahi.’ Known for its bustling shops, Temor Shahi has lots of buried memories deep into its alleyways, corners, and warrens of mud houses. (more…)

Homeless And Despair After Kuchis’ Attack In Behsud

Fatema 45, the mother of five children, left homeless and hopeless after the Pashtun Kuchis destroyed and burned down her house and many other houses in her in neighborhood in Behsud district. (more…)

Hazara Mosque Burned by Sunni Kuchis

This is a Shiite Hazara mosque in Behsud district that was burned by Sunni Pashtun-Kuchis. Every year around April and May, violent clashes erupts between local Hazaras and incoming Pashtun Kuchis in the pastures of Eastern Hazajarat. (more…)

A Melody of Hope

This headless person who plays this piece of music is me. I improvised this melody while I was procrastinating with my homework. I’m a beginner and pardon me for any mistake if you noticed. I recorded it last year when I was in college and presented to my friend Bilal.
Rabab is one of the most respected instruments in Afghanistan and it is originated in Afghanistan and then spread throughout Indian subcontinent. (more…)

13 Years after Bamiyan Buddhas Destroyed

Afghanistan’s historic Bamiyan Buddhas, destroyed by the Taliban 13 years ago, on March 11, 2001. The statues were 1,500-year-old and could be repaired if UNESCO and Afghan government plan to. (more…)

Afghan Women’s Rights, Better But Not Enough

Afghan women’s rights in bigger cities have improved drastically; millions of girls go to school, thousands of women have got jobs in the government and private sectors; almost half of parliament members are female and of course their presence is palpable in every places. Of course, this is not enough. (more…)