13 Years after Bamiyan Buddhas Destroyed

Afghanistan’s historic Bamiyan Buddhas, destroyed by the Taliban 13 years ago, on March 11, 2001. The statues were 1,500-year-old and could be repaired if UNESCO and Afghan government plan to. (more…)

Afghan Women’s Rights, Better But Not Enough

Afghan women’s rights in bigger cities have improved drastically; millions of girls go to school, thousands of women have got jobs in the government and private sectors; almost half of parliament members are female and of course their presence is palpable in every places. Of course, this is not enough. (more…)

The Khajou Bridge of Isfahan

The Khajou bridge is similar to Siosepol, the 33 bridge or the bridge of 33 arches. Among locals, it is also called the Allah-Verdi Khan bridge, and it is one of the eleven bridges of Isfahan, Iran. It is ranked as one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design. (more…)

Afghans are Natural Born Thinkers

Sunk deep into an ocean of thought, Afghans are famous to be natural born thinkers. As you can see in this photo, three Afghans who are probably in their 50s have glued their gazes at the patterns of the colorful carpet. The man with a Kandahari hat thinks how drops of ocean have ended up into his cup and turned into tea that would finally goes into his body. (more…)

Winter in Hazarajat, Isolation Doubled

Since 2001 and with the international presence, The Hazarajat received few development projects. The region never has had a paved road or more than a handful of high schools or hospitals. The central Afghanistan which is majorly populated by the Hazara people is sealed in mountains and completely isolated from the rest of the country. (more…)

Winter Game in Kabul

The new generation of Afghans no longer want to follow the same career path of their parents, playing soccer is one of them and it is a new thing in the country. It is winter in Afghanistan and these youngsters enjoy playing soccer in the snow while their old parents might be busy in games like cock fighting, dog fighting and numerous other animal fighting. (more…)